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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services

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Medical Coding

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Medical Billing

Promote both short-term, long-term cost savings ...

A/R Collections

Effective management of A/R to maintain ...

Credit Balance Resolution

Resource intensive function managed, Patient ...

Revenue Cycle Consulting

Create strategic environment for revenue cycle ...

Coding/Documentation review

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RCS7 is a revenue cycle management service provider that typically works with medical practices. Our healthcare revenue cycle management solutions are extensive to meet the needs of all our clients.

At the heart of our healthcare revenue cycle management services is medical coding. We provide affordable and highly efficient medical coding that enables our family practices, internal medicine providers, and others to benefit from error-free support. Our medical billing and coding services follow all compliance requirements and minimize the amount of work you must do to manage administrative tasks for your practice, which frees up more time for you to focus on your patients. Our certified medical billing and coding uses the latest technology and innovations to speed up efficiency while minimizing errors, essential for our clients.

We offer other healthcare revenue cycle management solutions as well. A/R collections, a service that can help get your accounts receivable paid sooner, is vital for cash flow management and ensures your practice is as profitable as possible. We also provide credit balance resolution, which allows our highly skilled team to better manage credit balances with your patients. This ensures better patient satisfaction and regulatory compliance for our clients.

Another of the revenue management solutions healthcare organizations trust us to provide is revenue cycle consulting. We provide comprehensive assessment, mapping, and evaluation that can help transform your practice. Our team analyzes all aspects of your operation, such as workflows and procedures, and provides full coding and documentation review as needed.

You can depend on RCS7 for comprehensive healthcare RCM services. No matter if you know your organization needs substantial changes and updates or you want to become more efficient in your operations so your practice can grow, reach out to us to learn how we can help you.