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About Us


About us

The perfect blend of People, Process, and Technology.

RCS7 team combines 20 years of expertise in revenue cycle management with a passion for growing and sustaining lasting partnerships with healthcare professionals built on trust, communication, and results. By merging RCS7 team operational experience with proven best practices and performance analytics, we focus on creating workflows that combine People, Process and Technology with optimal outcomes both internally and for the client.

With eye-level experience at each step of the revenue cycle, RCS7 maintains a keen focus on the details of billing operations in combination with the latest technical solutions to yield reliable, growth-oriented results. Our quick turnaround of bills result faster rate of collection, the steady increase in payments balances out that expense. Focus on what you do best, treat your patients, and leave the billing to the professionals.

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Our Approach

Automation and AI powered technology solutions to give satisfactory performance. Medical automation has several advantages, such as, improving quality and consistency, reduced paper waste, and data driven insights. These benefits are expected to boost the medical automation industry. Electronic approval processes, less paperwork, and automation of the workflow have all helped in the streamlining of the department and reduced operational costs.

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